Monday, July 20, 2009

About Us

THE CONSOLIDATED AGENCIES OF HUMAN SERVICES is a community-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which works to:

  • Mitigate the effects of poverty in Mineral County.
  • Develop and initiate programming that works toward eliminating the effects of economic poverty while collaborating with other organizations to eliminate the effects of social,cultural and educational poverty.
  • Pursue permanent improvements in the capacities of individuals and groups affected by poverty to effectively deal with their own problems so they can become independent and self-sufficient.
  • Stimulate and encourage collaborative action and efficient use of resources from multiple sectors and community systems.
  • Focus resources of the organization on promoting, development, and sustain ability of initiatives that result in healthy people, healthy community, especially those with a focus on families and children.
  • Provide programs and services in response to community needs.
  • Market the concept of equal opportunity for all persons while working to prohibit discrimination based upon age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or physical handicap, in all areas of community life.
  • Enhance the strength and unity of families in Mineral County and Northern Nye and Esmeralda by providing or introducing new tools for continued productivity from “In-Crisis”to Self-Sufficiency”


Consolidated Agencies of Human Services is starting its 34th year of service to the community. CAHS is a founder of many programs and remains active in community leadership and service delivery systems. We maintain a strong economic and community presence. For 34 years CAHS has worked for the citizens of Mineral County. Over the years the organization has responded with innovative programming and improved management practices to meet community needs.

CAHS/Hawthorne Family Resource Center staff and logistical support remains at (4) four people to maintain the level and quality of service to our service area. Our programs are continually being revised and increased to address the need in the community. Basic assistance has, for the most part, been maintained. New programs have been established by assessing community needs.

CAHS is unique in the State of Nevada: our agency acts as a county welfare office. Our employees are not county employees and are paid well below county scale. In the private sector, profit is measured by return on dollar investment. Not only do we provide a return on your dollar investment we provide a priceless return in: services rendered, people assisted and healthier communities.

In addition to providing family and emergency services to those who qualify, CAHS and The Family Resource Centers try to provide a comfortable and secure office environment and a willing ear to help reduce the emotional stresses associated with family problems and the temporary need for services.

CAHS is unique in the State of Nevada.

We offer a mobile unit, for rural areas in Northern Nye and Esmeralda Counties, We deliver services such as :

WIC representative

EAP representative

HUD representative

FRC services

Case Management

We assess the need of the area, and do whatever we can to bring that service to them.

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