Tuesday, April 10, 2018

2018 Annual Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Event

Our 2018 Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Event was a success! We had over 100 people attend!
Thank you Party Patrol -Tyler Viani for providing our music!!!
Thank you Ron Wood Family Resource Center for coming down from Carson and providing our community with low-cost/free car seats, and checking to make sure they were installed correctly! There were over 25 car seats checked and installed at our event.
Thank you to the Hawthorne Fire Department and the cadettes for providing tours of the fire truck and ambulance and entertaining us!
Thank you Nevada Families First- Sarah Dillard and Brenda Anderson, Mike James, Jim Kenner and Breanna Hatfield for coming and sharing important information with our community!
Thank you Ivy Ward- Ivy Land for doing an amazing job face-painting!!
Thank you Port of Subs for providing gift certificates for prizes!!
Thank you MCHS and Junior High for allowing us to use theJunior High Gym and saving us from the wind and rain :-)
Thanks again to all of our volunteers! Thank you to our community for coming! We had so much fun! 


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